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Well, I must say that it feels great to have completed my last working day at Nova.
It was quite possibly the most bogus organization I have ever worked for.
What is so bogus about Nova? Well, let's look at a few things. In fairness though,
remember that many of the following observations apply to the entire
"English Conversation School" industry in Japan equally.

There are no professional qualifications required to be a teacher.
Nova provides three days of "training" for all new teachers.
Want to teach the outrageously overpriced children's lessons?
Just another 45 minutes of training.
Nova passes its textbook off as being an original text "based on" the Streamline
series of textbooks from Oxford University Press. What they really did was to take
two volumes of the Streamline series, put them in one cover, and change the name
to "Quest". There is nothing at all original about it. In my opinion it is utterly
worthless as a primary text. As a matter of fact, the materials used by the teachers
are actually Streamline Teacher's Editions which have been taken apart and then
stuck into a folder.
There is NO WAY that a person will ever become a good English speaker
without being concerned about sentence structure (grammar). But since it seems
grammar is no longer being taught in American and Canadian schools,
Nova is loaded with teachers who are entirely unaware of even the rudiments
of sentence structure. I had one ask me, "What are pronouns?"
This was all the more distressing because he was just about to go out and teach
a lesson which supposedly works on pronouns.
Once they get the students' money, they don't really give a damn whether they ever
learn to speak English well or not. They follow P.T. Barnum's maxim about their
being a sucker born every minute.
Hardly any of the staff can speak English well and almost NONE of them study at Nova.
Then in their sales talk they tell people how wonderful Nova is and how much they
can improve their English at Nova. How in hell would they know?
Would you eat lunch at a restaurant where the people who worked there always
brought their lunch? I think not.
What is good about Nova? The commercials are EXCELLENT!!
They attract people like you wouldn't believe. In my school, we have people who drive
in from two or three towns away. Why?
Because they were hooked by the commercials.
They have English schools right in their own towns, yet they drive an hour to study at Nova.
All this when Nova is no better or worse than any of the other schools out there.
All the schools now have "opinion boxes" at the front desk so that students can
confidentially submit their opinions and complaints about the school. According to
what is written on the box, the box is emptied once a month and the contents
sent directly to some bigwigs at the head office. Supposedly the staff never sees them.
That the staff never sees them is true anyway. How is that?
Because the boxes are never emptied!!! I know for a fact that as I write this (June 15, 1997)
there is a message in the Kiryu Nova box which was put there in February.
I have mentioned this numerous times and been brushed off each time

75 :名無しさん@1周年:01/10/13 16:18
The school operates on a "lesson ticket" system. In this system the school tries to get
the student to pre-purchase as many lesson tickets as they can sucker them into.
They show the prospective students a chart of Nova "levels" and then tell them on
average about how many lessons it it will take to reach that level.
Of course, they pull the numbers straight out of their butts.
They next have the prospective pigeon take a "level check test".
Almost all students will fall into one of the lower three levels.
They show the pigeon the chart again and ask "How far would you like to go?
How good would you like to be?" In that situation, everyone feels pressure to say
they would like to obtain one of the loftier levels and is subsequently pressured to
buy lots and lots of tickets. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each one is.
Some people pay up to about $6,000. All that before they have had a single lesson.
Any place that wants you to pay that much up front must be worried that they are so
crappy that they couldn't keep you satisfied enough to want to come back month
after month, were they to let you pay that way.
Not that it's important, but the president of Nova was on the list of Japan's highest
individual taxpayers for 1996 at Number 5. He paid about a gadzillion yen. All this while claiming that Nova provides lessons as cheaply as they can.
Sorry, but it doesn't look that way from where I sit. (I wonder how his English is,
by the way.....does HE study at Nova?)

The basic requirement to be an English teacher in Japan is to be eligible for a visa
which allows you to work in Japan, and to be an English speaker.
A few countries have "working holiday" arrangements with Japan which allow their
young people to come to Japan for a few months and to work part-time. America
has no such arrangement.
The primary requirement for people not on working holiday visas is to be
a graduate of a four-year university. Major is irrelevant.(back)

The children actually pay the same price for a lesson ticket as adults do.
The problem is that ALL children's lessons are taught "Man to Man".
Consequently they are charged either 3 or 4 lesson tickets for one class
(depending on the school).
What do Nova do in these classes that makes them worth so much?
Worth so much more than other schools? NOTHING! They play games and
draw pictures, just the same as in any other school. The difference?
The price! About $50 or so for a 40 minute "lesson". Unfortunately, the parents don't
inquire too deeply about what goes on, nor do they do any comparison shopping. (back)

76 :名無しさん@1周年:01/10/13 16:19
思います?(注意)Want の前にDo you を入れると分かりやすいでしょう。
外国人講師の一人が、私に質問をしてきたのです。『 PRONOUNS って何でしょうか?』。
一旦、生徒のお金を手に入れたら最後、彼らが英語を上手に話せるように学んでいるかどうか、そんな事など、どうでもいい、 知ったことか!

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